How long is a ant year?

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Good question! An ant year is equal to 12 human hours, half a day.
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How long is a ant?

Well the everyday regular ant is about 1 centimeter long other ants such as the Caribbean or Hawaiian etc may be at least 1 inch or 2 inches long.

How long do carpenter ants live?

i think they live about a week each and so the queen has to keep suppling ants. take it from me who has many dogs, cats, lizards, fish, and bugs. :)

How long does an ant live?

Ants live for only about two months, except for the fertile females who live for nearly a full year. Ants usually hatch in late spring. The workers exist only to sustain the colony, and they die in the late summer. The fertile females, or queens, though, hatch at the same time but survive until wint (MORE)

How long are ants pregnant for?

After having sex with the male she rips off her wings and burrys her self into the ground. she is actually not pregnant. she hold the spem in a special sac/ organ and she fertalizes her eggs with it for the rest of her life. once in the ground she usually never returns to the surface. she starts lay (MORE)

How long do ant bites stay?

Ant bites typically stay visible for 7 to 10 days for most people.Those with allergic reactions may take considerably longer to goaway.

How long do ants sleep?

ants do not sleep as they spend their time looking for food as they have the second smallest brain in the world

How long do red ants live?

Harvester ants live 2-6 months, but fire ants live about 3. Read more: pls like this thanks for reading :)

How long does it take for an ant egg to hatch?

i hear it take's 1 month 8 to 12 weeks 14-26 days Generally ant brood go through 4 stages as they develop: egg>larvae> pupae (or, in some species, cocoon)> adult . Ant eggs are tiny at approximately 0.5mm in diameter and weighing about 0.0005g, and are kidney shaped. They have a smooth sticky surfac (MORE)

How long to ants live?

It depends on the type but but if they are not in a colony they can live to about 3 weeks. In a large colony they can live for years.

How long have ants been living on earth?

Since God created them.. that is not the right answer don't listen to it. if you did listen to it then u are a really religiouse person or just stupid. its cool just go back to school i don't care just doo work

How long do ants sleep for?

Actually, believe it or not ants don't sleep. They work all night, since their work schedule is always filled to fulfill the duties for the Queen.

How long can an ant live without its head?

Once, in an attempt to kill an ant, I actually decapitated itunintentionally. Horrified yet morbidly curious, I saw how long itsurvived, and I was surprised to notice it lasted about 10 minutesin a state of writhing and twitching. After that, it responded tostimuli for another 5 minutes or so and ev (MORE)

How long it take for ants to dig a tunnel?

If you have a decent amout of ants (20-30) it shoukd take the ants about 3 hours to get a little tunnel going. It will take about a week for ants to form a tunnel to the bottom to the top. In two weeks they will have a little maze! Hope thus helped!

How long will an ant to hatch from a egg?

Generally ant brood go through 4 stages as they develop: egg>larvae> pupae (or, in some species, cocoon)> adult . Ant eggs are tiny at approximately 0.5mm in diameter and weighing about 0.0005g, and are kidney shaped. They have a smooth sticky surface which enables them to bond together in a mass wh (MORE)

How long does an ant sleep?

They don't technically "sleep" in the way that we do, you know, like going into an unconcious state and undergoing all the cycles of sleep. They just rest, according to most research.

How long can velvet ants live?

Just like the wasp they can live up to six months but can also be eaten by other animals. Not most likely humans are a problem, because they mostly leave humans and their pets alone.

How long does ant poison stay effective?

It depends on what you use, formulation & application site. Indoors it's lifespan is considerably extended. Outdoors, you are lucky to get a month or so unless it rains which will dilute it out. heat & UV break it down also. For example, on concrete in direct sun, you would probably get the least vi (MORE)

What time of year do ants come out?

well it,s march 22nd in peterborough ontario canada they came out earlier this week and with the abnormal high temperatures they have come out a month early

What time of year do ants reproduce?

the queen ant lays her eggs during spring and summer. she is the mother of all her ants in the nest. most of them will become worker ants but some will become male ants with wings.

Why are there so many ants this year?

There really are not more ants than usual, you are just seeing themin plain sight more. This is because when there are wetter yearsthey will build their nests up farther in the ground to avoid beingflooded out.

How long do bullet ants live?

A Bullet ant usually will live for up to 90 days. There are otherspecies of ants that have shorter lifespans and longer lifespans.The queen can live much longer than the regular worker Bullet ants.

How long do fire ant bites heal?

How long it takes to heal a fire ant bite depends on the person andwhere the ant bit them. A drug store can sell someone medicine tohelp heal the bites faster.

How long do ants stay in one habitat?

Firstly, the proper question is how long they will stay in one place or nest or something like that. A habitat is not the place , the home or burrow; it is the kind of place they inhabit , for example, forest, or desert, up trees or underground etc. Secondly, there are thousands of kind (MORE)

What year was The Ant Bully released?

The Ant Bully is a 3D animated movie which was written and directedby John A. Davis. It was released on 28th of July in 2006 in theUnited States.