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How long is the flight from Northern California to Australia?

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Depends on specifically what airport your going from, what airport your going to, the time of day, and the airline your flying with.

The most common departure/destination locations are LAX (Los Angeles International) and SYD (Sydney Airport)

Here is the airlines that do that route, their scheduled departure times from LAX, and their flight time. The departure times do include flights canceled due to demand and these flights usually occur every day of the week.

Departure: 11:35pm
Flight Time: 15 hours

Departure: 11:30pm / 12:50 pm
Flight Time: 15 hours / 14 hours 30 minutes

Departure: 11:32 pm
Flight Time: 14 hours 30 minutes

Virgin Blue International:
Departure: 10:20 pm

Flight Time: 14 hours 45 minutes
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How long is the flight from Athens to Australia?

  Answer   The results of your search for Athens (ATH) to Sydney (SYD)     Shortest Flight Duration *  20 hours 45 mins *  Via Bangkok Suvarnabhu

How long is the flight to Italy from Australia?

It depends on where in Italy and where in Australia but it will take about 17 hours and 30 minutes.