How long should you sleep when your a baby?

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Im guessing 15 hours or so
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How long do baby hamsters sleep?

Baby hamster sleep for a long time. All hamsters are nocturnal so they sleep during the day and awake at night. Be care full not to wake your hamster during the day other wise

How long does a newborn baby sleep?

The average newborn babies sleeps about 18 hours a day; 258 per.month' 6570 per. year. 1-3 months old babies: They tend to sleep more than 18 hours over the course of 24 hour

How long should baby mice sleep?

baby mice need a lot of sleep, warmth and nutrition. theres no exact time limit, just make sure that your mouse has a possibility to sleep well: warm, soft place, your hand wi

How long does a baby sleep?

A baby sleeps for as long as it need's to! first, consider the age of the baby, first born usually sleep more than they are awake. again, the age has much to do with this ques

How long does a baby sleep on babydow?

Normally until the next day. It can be quite annoying but if you use a Primrose Hourglass it'll take you to the next day. Hope I helped XXX
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What should a baby wear to sleep?

The best item of clothing to put your baby in, when you to put it to sleep, is an all in one baby grow. The baby should also be wearing a clean diaper.