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Polling data from the 2001 ARIS study indicate that: 81% of American adults identify themselves with a specific religion: 76.5% (159 million) of Americans identify themselves as Christian. There are 4.5 million people in the U.S. at the time of the study. so approximately 35 million were Christians. For the source, see the Related Link.
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How many christians are in the US?

  Accoridng to the CIA Fact Book, about 76% of Americans identify themselves as being Christian. That would be about 232 Million American Christians.

How many non Christians are there in the US?

The figures vary greatly depending on which report you look at and how current the information is. I have provided 1 link that reports the number to be over 41 million.

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The number of those who claim to be 'born again' Christians changes  with each survey. However, the number seems to be about 30 percent  of the adult population on average.