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How many MB per minute is a 128Kbps MP3?

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There is no such unit as "Kbps". This, as opposed to "kbps" or "kBps". Please ask your service provider to hire educated professionals and not hacks.
The calculation below is completely amateur and suspect, primarily due to its being based on unsubstantiated terminology and failing to validate assumptions (i.e. skipping steps)...
1 Kb = 1000 bit
128 Kb = 128000 bit/s
128000 bit = 16000 byte
16000 byte = 15.625 kB (kilobyte)/s
15.625 kB = 0.0152587890625 MB (megabyte)/s
0.91552734375 MB / minute (with some overhead, stopbits etc... this will be about 1 MB / minute)
54.931640625 MB / hour
1318.359375 MB / day
+/- 39550.78125 MB / month = 38.623809814453125 GB / month
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How many megabytes in 240 minutes?

There is no equivalence. A megabyte is a measure of data while a minute is a measure of time. The two measure different things and, according to basic principles of dimensio

How many megabytes in a 3 minute song?

  Answer   Depends upon what format you save that 3 mins song. If its uncompressed like in a 16 bit 44khz wave format(.wav) 3 mins will be aproximately 30 megabytes.

How many megabytes in a 4 minute song?

about 40 megabytes in a uncompressed file, like in a 16 bit 44khz wave format(.wav). For MP3 encoded at 128k samples per second, around 4 Mbytes.

How many megabytes are in 100 megabytes?

100, 104.858, or 95.367, depending on if you mean decimal to decimal, binary to binary, decimal to binary, or binary to decimal. Simply, decimal megabytes, used by the storage

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The answer depends on 800 MB of WHAT: low quality audio or high definition video?

How many megabytes per minute will gigabit Ethernet support?

  Here is a quick math problem to help put things into perspective.   If you have a picture of size 3000x2000, with a 32-bit color depth,  How long would the file take

How many MB are there in a MP3 file?

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How many many megabytes is equal to 120 minutes?

There is no sensible answer to the question. A megabyte is a measure of computer memory whereas 120 minutes is a measure of time. According to basic dimensional analysis conve
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How many megabytes can a 63 minute CD hold?

the amount of information a CD can hold is measured in minutes:seconds:sectors. Each second contains 75 sectors, each of which can hold 2048 bytes (2 kilobytes) of Mode 1 user