How many albums did Elvis have?

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How much is an Elvis Blue album worth?

Blue Album . From what I understand there are several "Blue" albums from Elvis, there is the Blue Album, the Moody Blue, and several others that are blue in color. An Average condition 12 inch 33 in good condition can easily be obtained for 10-25 dollars on auction sites such as E-Bay. Just lik (MORE)

How many albums has Elvis Crespo made?

Elvis Crespo Discography . Suavemente . Released: 1998. Format: CD . Chart position(s): #1 on Billboard's "National Latin top 40" . Píntame . Released: 1999 . Format: CD . The Remixes" . Released: 2000 . Format: CD . Wow! Flash . Released: 2000 . Format: CD . Urbano (MORE)

How many albums has Elvis sold?

\nElvis Presley has sold over 1.5 billion albums. Elvis has sold more albums then any other singer or group in the history of music.

How many albums did Elvis record?

Elvis recorded not only studio albums, but live albums and soundtracks, and released compilation albums: Studio 23 Live 7 Compilation 11 Soundtracks 19 This gives a total of 60 albums released in his name.

What album was elvis' hound dog on?

The first album Hound Dog appeared on is: LPM-1707 Elvis' Golden Records (1957) Side 1. Track 1. Another rendition of Hound Dog appeared on LPM-4088 Elvis (1968) (aka Elvis' TV Special, Elvis' Comeback Special, Elvis' NBC-TV Special, or Elv (MORE)

How many album does Elvis has?

Elvis Presley recorded about 90 studio and live albums, many ofwhich were very popular. Some were released after his death in1977.

How many does album Elvis have?

It's difficult to say, but various complations, greatest hits albums, original studio albums, and live albums amount to something like 450 albums released in the USA. However not all did well, and many haven't been certified yet due to lack of sales data because sales was not always accurately track (MORE)

Elvis Presley album flaming star?

The western movie Flaming Star was released by 20th Century Fox in December 1960. Although Elvis Presley recorded a wonderful title song there were too few songs from this movie to produce a soundtrack album. In 1961, in response to public requests (and to stop a bootleg version of the title song as (MORE)

What was Elvis Presleys first album?

Elvis' very first album is "Elvis Presley", released by RCA Victor records, March 23, 1956. It's catalog number is LPM-1254. See the Related Link for many high-quality images of this album here:

Elvis Presley albums value of them?

It depends on the album and its condition. Generally, the most valuable are the Sun 45's, although there are some very valuable RCA records.

What year did Elvis Presley's first album come out?

ELV1S 30 #1 HITS is at #36 in Billboard's year-end roundup of the top albums of the year 2002. Quite an achievement, especially considering the fact that E1 did not come out until September of this year and has not yet finished its time on the weekly Top 200 Albums chart. This is his first appearanc (MORE)

How many Elvis Presley albums?

If your talking about song albums like G.I blues,then there are i think more than 182 (thats what i counted i had to go to another website to get more).If your talking about records or cds,there is more than 1 billion sold.

Where did Elvis record his first album?

Elvis recorded That's All Right on July 5, 1954. The flip side, Blue Moon of Kentucky was recorded July 7, 1954. Both recorded at Sun Records Studio in Memphis, TN. The record was released on both 45 RPM and 78 RPM on July 19, 1954 as SUN 209.

How many albums does Elvis Presley record?

See the Related Link for a list of U.S. released Elvis Presley albums, with pictures of each and detail. The number varies if considering music released after his passing, re-issues, and compilations.

What is Elvis Presley's best album?

This is a subjective question. It is a matter of opinion, notnecessarily record sales. The following are what I believe the five of the best Elvis albums: LPM-1254 Elvis Presley (in original mono, not reprocessed stereoeffect) LPM-1707 Elvis' Golden Records (in original mono, not reprocessedster (MORE)

How many albums to Elvis Presley?

The number would vary as to the re-release and various artists and whether or not music released after his passing is considered. However, see the Related Link for a list of U.S. released Elvis Presley albums, with pictures of each and detail.

What was Elvis Presley's last album?

Moody blue! Listen to pledging my love, what a song by the main man himself. He took it from a mix of country and blues and took it all the way baby. He created modern music as we know it. Opening the doors for black musicians who were never really heard mainstream. And paving the way for pop, rock (MORE)

What is the value of Elvis's first album Elvis?

The value of his album in 2010 was 100,000,000 Well having several in my collection i wish that answer was true but its not. his first lp was- Elvis Presley RCA VICTOR (M) LPM-1254 Date 1956 value depending on condition and what release it is its been release 14 times . $700 hundred

Where can you find Elvis albums?

call 503 268 7826. the person who answers will ask for $70 for "he touched me", "speedway", and "memorys of christmas". you can talk the person down to $50 or $60, though. I met the person and the LP's are in great shape, but my friend just gave me his as b-day gift. i checked eBay and these LP's to (MORE)

How much is the album Believe of Elvis Presley worth?

I think you are talking about the Gospel Album "I BELIEVE" which was released in 2009 as a CD Box Set consisting of 4 CD's. Currently the Box Set, in good-great condition with all of the original contents, has been selling for $ 25.00 (twenty five dollars US).

How much is a 45 album sell for by Elvis presly?

The value of a Elvis Presley 45 record depends on what release it is? The age of the record , and if it has a picture sleeve with the record. The value of the record also depends on the condition of the record and sleeve. Hope this helps.

What is the vaule of elvis album lpm 1382?

Elvis (LP) (Elvis Presley s very first album) RCA Victor LPM-1382 Release Date: 10/19/1956 Cover value $ 200 hundred dollars Value Cover $ 300 hundred dollrs value depends on condition.

How much is Elvis Presley commemortive album worth?

Elvis Commemorative Album 2 Lps release date 1978 RCA Special Products (sp) DPL2 - 0056 (E) VALUE OF COVER $ 25 DOLLARS VALUE OF DISCS $10 dollars insert Register Cert of Ownership value $ 15 dollars value depends on condition

What Elvis Presleys first album?

1956 Elvis' first album was entitled "ELVIS PRESLEY" and it was album number (LPM 1254) Here are the songs contained in the album: Blue Suede Shoes I'm Countin' on You I Got a Woman One-sided Love Affair I Love You Because Just Because Tutti Frutti Tryin' to Get to You I'm Gonn (MORE)

How much is elvis c' mon everybody album worth?

C,mon Everybody RCA / Camden (m) CAL- 2518 blue label release date - 7/71 value vinyl $ 20 dollars value cover $ 20 dollars. note if your lp is a Pickwick the value is less then 10 dollars. value depends on condition

What Elvis prisly album not open worth?

I would need more information to answer your question. the title of the lp. the matrix number. the date and the condition of the lp. is there any inserts with the lp?