How many brothers and sisters does Kathy Bates have?

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ANSWER Kathy Bates has two older sisters, no brothers. Her sisters names are Patricia Bates Smith, who resides in Clearwater Florida, and Mary Bates, who resides in Los Angeles. IMDB source, Bates Geneology source
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Is Kathy bates married?

Kathy Bates WAS married. She lived actor Tony Campisi for 12 years before marrying in the summer of 1991. Bates and Campisi divorced in 1997 not long after the loss of her m

Where does Kathy bates live?

Oscar winner Kathy Bates resides in Hancock Park, Los Angeles. Bates lived in Hollywood Hills for many years but sold her mansion to actor Jon Cryer before moving to the elite

Did Kathy Bates have cancer?

Yes Kathy Bates DID have cancer. Bates fell ill on the set of "Around the world in 80 days" in early 2004. She was diagnosed in mid 2004 with Ovarian cancer. Made a full recov

How many Oscars has Kathy bates won?

Kathy Bates has been nominated 3 times. Winning a Leading Actress Oscar in 1991 for her supberb role as Annie Wilkes in the Stephen King thriller "Misery" IMDB source

How can you contact Kathy Bates?

Would it be possible to contact Cathy Bates or her agent with regards to a screen play- she very well might be interested in. Am at
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Where does Kathy bates get her clothes?

According to Kathy Bates has a stylist who dresses her in designer clothes from houses such as Donna Karan, Eric Gaskins, Pamela Dennis, Chanel, Carmen Marc V