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How many cm3 are there in 1 litre?

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1 litre is 1000 millilitre or 1000 cubic centimetre (cm3).
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How many grams are in 1 litre?

Gram is a weight measure, and Litres are a volume measure. If you  have 1 liter of water, then it weighs 1000 grams (assuming that it  is at standard temperature and pressur

Cm3 in litres?

1000 cm³ = 1 Litre   So to concert cm³ to Litres you divide by 1000   And to convert Litres into cm³ you multiply by 1000   Example: If you have 3000 cm³, how man

How many Liters in 1 cm3?

1cm3 is 0.001 liters.

1 mL how many cm3?

they are the same: 1/1000 of a liter is 1 cubic centimeter

How many centi litres in 1 litre?

One liter = 100 cL

How many mg in 1 litre?

There is no answer because milligrams is a measurement of weight and 1 L is volume. If you meant how heavy 1L is in milligrams, this depends on the substance's density.

How many Litres in 1 dl?

0.1 litres in a decilitre

How many millimetres are in 1 cm3?

Volume and length are not comparable without further  information. However, if you happened to mean millilitres, 1cm^3  means 1ml. They are the same thing. 
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How many cm3 are in 1 cc?

cm3 and cc are the same thing.
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How many rad is 1 cm3?

the old unit of absorbed radiation dose the roentgen is defined as the dose of radiation which produces 2.1x109 ion pairs in 1 cm3 of air. the energy necessary to produce 1 io