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How many different colors of banana exist and what are they?

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red, green, yellow, brown, and reddish brown - so 5 different colors

actually there are 7 colours red,green,yellow,brown,reddish brown,purple and blue
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What color are bananas?

Bananas as we know them in the US are generally green when picked , but yellow when we see them in the store. In some parts of the country, there are starchy types of banana's

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What color is a banana?

An unripe banana is green but ripe bananas are normally yellow; if they are over ripe they are mostly brown with yellow mixed in. You also get varieties of banana that are r

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yes banana is a color. it is a dirty yellow color. a form of yellow . . . . . . . only dorks wouldn't know that. no bannana is a cool color and is my favorite

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