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How many hours a week does a CIA agent work?

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How many hours does a pharmacist work a week?

    Answer       My friend just got her first pharmacy job and earns 100k a year for 42 hours of work per week at the local Save-on.     (1) On Feb

How many hours do you work per week being a real estate agent?

Answer   As many as you want. The great thing about a real estate agent is that you pick your hours. You can work part time for a side income or full time. If you work fo

How many working hours in a week?

168 hours available because, we know that we have 24 hours in each day and we know that a week is 7 days. Okay let's multiply 24 x 7 = 168. however a typical work day is 8 h

How many hours per week do FBI Agents work?

Since an average person works 40 hours a week an FBI agent will work more because when you work a job while dealing with criminals cases can come at any time and at any minuut