How many hours does a CIA Agent work per week?

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How many hours do you work per week being a real estate agent?

Answer As many as you want. The great thing about a real estate agent is that you pick your hours. You can work part time for a side income or full time. If you work for an agency, they may suggest a 40 hour week. Answer Quite the oposite. As a real estate agent, your CLIENTS set your hours. You (MORE)

How many hours do psychologists usually work per week?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nIt's entirely up to the psychologist. Many work long hours. I worked for one that specialized helping children, and he often worked 14 hour days and then worked again when he got home. \n. \nMarcy

How many hours per week does a mechanic work?

Depends on the company. My girlfriend is a full-time mechanic in his father's shop. He works 6 days a week from 8 AM until around 7 PM usually, rarely earlier. I hardly get to see him. His brother, on the other hand, works in the lube shop at Wal-Mart 5 days a week for exactly 8 hours a day. It real (MORE)

How many hours per week does the average psychiatrist work?

The average working hours of a psychiatrist all depend on the practice he/she is in. For example, a psychiatrist in private practice may change their work hours in order to fit their appointments, while those who work in a classroom or a government agency work an average of 35-40 hours every week.

How many hours does a graphic designer work per week?

all depends could be 5 days 6 days or 7 days a week so they work 8 to 10 hours a day which means they work about 54 hours a week. Answer: There can be times when you can't go home (or if working from home you can't go to sleep) until you have finished the project in order to meet the deadline (MORE)

How many hours per week do a computer animator work?

It depends on how close to a deadline you are ive heard people i know in the industry pretty much living in the studio near a deadline. I study a field that is close to animation and have friends studying animation at university with me and we end up having to work over 60 hours a week to get the be (MORE)

How many hours per week does the average primary teacher work?

I arrive at work at 8:15 (not too early!) and I leave work when the school closes at 5:00. If it was open later, I'd probably stay on longer. There just never seems enough time to prepare for the next day, tidy up, organise the classroom, do displays, set up groups, solve problems etc.... I'm sure t (MORE)

How many hours per week on average does a car salesman work?

I have only been in car sales for 5 years and I made $45,000 the first two years and over $70,000 the last three years. Some people I work with made well over $100,000 a year. I work over 50 hours a week. I am paid a Commission of 30 to 35% of the profit on any sale or what is called a mini. This is (MORE)

How many hours per week do teachers work?

I am a high school science teacher. Each day, I arrive to work at 6:15 am and I leave everyday around 4:15. I tutor students from 3:00 - 4:00. When I get home, I make lesson plans for the next week. I probably spend about 30 minutes per day on planning for the next week. I make up a power point and (MORE)

How many hours per week do people used to work during prehistory?

They worked from sun up to sun down. It wasn't until the industrial revolution that people started to work hours, shifts, and had weekends. If it took six months to make a pair of shoes that's what it took, if it took 2 years to build a boat that's what it took. Ninety percent of the world was farmi (MORE)

How many hours per week do FBI Agents work?

Since an average person works 40 hours a week an FBI agent will work more because when you work a job while dealing with criminals cases can come at any time and at any minuute. Plus, there are so many cases you will always be busy!

How many hours per week does a plumber work?

Plumbers, pipelayers, pipefitters, and steamfitters often work more than 40 hours per week and can be on call for emergencies nights and weekends. Some pipelayers may need to travel to and from worksites.

Based on a 30 hour work week how many hours per month?

Ignoring statutory holidays and the variation of days in a month, you could work it out this way:- there are 52 weeks in a year - thus 30*52 = 1560 hours a year. there are 12 months in a year - thus 1560/12 = 130 hours a month.

How many hours do environmental engineers work for per week?

I am environmental engineer, i work in a really cool job. I am 22 and i am loving every minute of it. I wake up in the morning and leave to work like 10.00AM ....................and then I'm back at six........ Every employee has to work for 40 hrs a week, 150 hrs per month. So if you work more, yo (MORE)

How many hours do archaeologists work per week?

Archaeologists work an average 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, but their work hours vary greatly depending on the kind of Archaeologist and what things they are researching. The 40 hour week schedule is for Federal Archaeologists that work in federal offices or government offices, and Archaeologists (MORE)

How many hours per week does the average vet work?

That is a difficult question to answer specifically. I depends on where you work (Country, state) and what kind of medicine you practice (food animal, equine, small animal). I can answer this question from the perspective of a small animal vet working in Northern California. I would say, in general, (MORE)

How many hours do veterinarians work days and days per week?

Hours vary among veterinarians. A DVM out of college may work in a private practice or an emergency practice (after hours) and have to work the hours that are given to them. This could mean 7 days a week or 2-3 days a week, depending on the client base. Veterinarians who have their own practice may (MORE)

How many hours per week do social workers work?

At the BSW level it will depend partially if you are hired on an hourly wage or as a salaried employee (also will depend a bit on what state you live in). As an hourly employee you would be required to work 40 hours and if you worked more you would get over-time. If you are salaried you are not enti (MORE)

How many hours can teens work per week?

It depends on age, "exceptions" (like if a teenager is working for a relative), and schooling schedule. For fourteen and fifteen year olds, on average you can work approx. three hours a day but a maximum of sixteen hours during school weeks. During non-school weeks you can work eight hours a day, an (MORE)

What is the normal hours to work per week?

Normal hours to work in a week is 40hrs which is 5 days a week 8hrs a day. Which is a full time job. Anything over 8 hrs is usually over time unless you work under the construction law which is anything after 9hrs is overtime.

How many hours do you work per week on minimum wage?

Your wages don't necessarily affect how many hours per week you work. On minimum wage you could work any amount of hours (usually up to 40 per week) depending on your job requirements. Most folks work full-time 40 hrs per week, or part-time around 20-30 hours per week.

How many hours per week can an 18 year old work if still in school?

Legally, the same amount as an adult(48) but as you are still attending school you would have to take the hours you are in school for into consideration. So let's say you can work from five pm onward on weekdays and 9am onwards on weekends. You could work all of them hours as that is legal but you m (MORE)

How many hours can children aged 13-15 work per week?

It very much depends on the laws and legislation of the state. Child labour is not only allowed in many countries it is actively encouraged. Other more 'enlightened' states have restrictions in place. You would need to state which country you mean.

How many hour a fashion designer works per week?

It depends on whether they are going to release a new collection for the seasonal fashion weeks. As it gets closer they tend to work more because they have so much to prepare for. Otherwise it is dictated by their own creative onus