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How many marks required to qualify in gate 2011 exam?

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According to detail given in brochure. minimum 25 marks out of 100 are fixed to qualify exam.
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How many marks should you get in your exam?

Well in most schools you have to get 50% to pass, well from kindergarten to grade 8 they just pass u even if u get below 50% but i am in high school now and I'm only in grade

When will be next gate exam in 2011?

The gate 2011 exam will start at 13th February 2011..Date announcement for application details has been done..more over, all gate coaching classes are already started now. f

How many marks Ntse marks in first level to qualify?

If you want to qualify in NTSE stage 1 exam, then you have to score more than 135/180. Remember! These are the minimum marks required. The minimum marks can anytime change but

How many times can you appear for GATE exam?

For entering the GATE program you need to get an ADVANCED in your and grade State scores. For me i live in California and i don't know if other states have this program. My pa

How much marks you should get to qualify in mppmt exam?

In MPPMT there is question papaer of 180 objectives. each objective contain 4 marks, if you answer wrong one mark will deduct and you should get atleast 600 marks for passong

How many minimum number of gates are required to realize or gates?

As such an OR gate should do the job...but if the question is of using gates other than the simple OR, it should be a combo of NOR and NOT gates; where-in, the NOT gate comes
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