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How many marks required to qualify in gate 2011 exam?

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According to detail given in brochure. minimum 25 marks out of 100 are fixed to qualify exam.
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What is GATE exam?

GATE exam is a Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineers, its a exam conducted by IIT i.e all the seven institutions, by writing these exams u can do ur M.tech anywhere in INDIA. f

How many marks Ntse marks in first level to qualify?

If you want to qualify in NTSE stage 1 exam, then you have to score more than 135/180. Remember! These are the minimum marks required. The minimum marks can anytime change but

What is the pass mark for BE 1st semester 2011 exam?

passing mark is 50 in all the subject and after converting to 80=36 is the pass marks and in internal out of 20 ,14 is the passing mark..........................so 50/100.....