How many miles is it from Pocatello Idaho to Idaho Falls Idaho?

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50 miles, but be sure and stop in Blackfoot, Idaho and see the Potato Expo.
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How many miles is it from Casper Wyoming to Pocatello Idaho?

527 miles taking this route: . Take WYO-220 WEST from Casper to U.S. 287. Continue STRAIGHT on U.S. 287 SOUTH to RAWLINS. . Take U.S. 287 SOUTH to I-80 WEST in Rawlins. Fol
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How many miles from Calgary AB to pocatello Idaho?

724 miles taking this route: . Go down to the U.S. BORDER X-ING at COUTTS via HIGHWAY 2 SOUTH from Calgary to HIGHWAY 3 (CROWSNEST HIGHWAY) EAST in Ft. MacLeod, then HIGHWAY