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How many people are 7 feet tall in the world?

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According to a scientific study there are 3 people 7 feet or taller for every 1 million people, so there are roughly 20,000 people over 7 feet tall.
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How many athletes are 7 feet tall or even more?

  There are a lot. Yao Ming (Houston Rockets) is 7'5", Shaquille O'Neal (Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns) is 7'1", Tim Duncan (San Antonio Spur

How many feet tall were the world trade towers?

Antenna or spire1 WTC: 1,727 ft (526.3 m) / Roof1 WTC: 1,368 ft (417.0 m) 2 WTC: 1,362 ft (415.0 m) / Top floor1 WTC: 1,355 ft (413.0 m) 2 WTC: 1,348 ft (411.0 m) (Refer