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Can people with ADHD be organized?

Yes, we bloody well can. Adhd makes us no different from anyone else. Just because we are more active, imaginative and overall easier to get on with I find, can cause us to fo

How does ADHD affect children in school?

ADHD affects children at school, as they will not sit still, lose their focus when the teacher is talking, or cannot focus on their homework. Be cautious when talking with par

Do people get ADHD?

General consensus is no--It's something you're born with or develop very early in life. Recent studies are linking ADHD to a conjunction of genes and prenatal pesticide exposu

How does nicotine affect those with ADHD?

Individuals with ADHD suffer from bad impulses, poor concentration, and have a hard time remaining still. Nicotine is stimulant like most ADHD medications. In fact, research h

Does ADHD affect an individual's lifespan?

No. ADHD is a disorder that causes frequent lack of focus, irritability, periods of depression, hyperactivity, and problems socializing. Individuals diagnosed with ADHD often

Why do people have ADHD?

-They are Born with it -They Lived through it before birth There are two main forms of ADD/ADHD. One is genetically induce, the other induced culturally. While many people

How does marijuana affect ADHD?

The effects of marijuana in the ADHD population has not been fulled studied or determined. However, other clinical studies provide evidence that marijuana increases memory-rel

How does ADHD affect a person?

  Answer:   It make it very difficult to pay attention on anything too long, and it makes it hard to focus or learn. Some children also are hyperactive.

What part of the brain does ADHD affect?

Well, the brain differences are actually what affects ADHD ;). The primary area affected in ADHD individuals (according to numerous recent brain imaging studies) is the prefro

What senses does ADHD affect?

ADHD doesn't affect typical senses (i.e. smell, taste, etc); however, ADHD can effect an individual's sense of time.

What is so annoying about ADHD people?

Anyone can be annoying, but waht may be found exasperating about people with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is how they don't focus as well as others, lose co

How does ADHD affect sleep?

it can affect people in several ways. for some people it can affect their sleep by making them unable to sleep completely without heavy medication. Other people are affected b

How many people died from ADHD?

ADHD is not a fatal disease. It is a learning disability. Of course, it is possible that a person could die from an accident caused by not paying attention, but there are no k

How does ADHD affect a child socially?

ADHD untreated can cause a child to have difficulty "picking up on social cues". For example, not realizing when he/she is making someone angry, annoyed, etc. Which can lead t