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How many people have ADHD?

Between 3% and 5% of children worldwide are diagnosed with ADHD; 30% to 50% of those continue symptoms through adulthood.

Why do people get ADHD?

The answer is not entirely known, however ADHD is caused by underdevelopment within certain regions of the brain. ADHD may be entirely genetic, environmental, or a mixture of

Do energy drinks affect people with ADHD differently?

Energy drinks are very high in caffeine. Caffeine tends to make people with ADHD feel more alert and calm, rather than jittery, as high doses of caffeine make other people fee

What people get ADHD?

People of all kinds get ADHD; there is no one common denominator. However, there are risk factors that often play a role in most diagnoses which include: family members with A

How many people in Australia have ADHD?

In Australia, it is estimated that up to 11% of children in Australia have ADHD. The exact amount is not known as this is not indicated on any national census.

Why do people have ADHD?

-They are Born with it -They Lived through it before birth There are two main forms of ADD/ADHD. One is genetically induce, the other induced culturally. While many people

Who is affected by ADHD?

adults and kids of both genders. however you need to be checked out by a doctor by age 7 or younger.

Which part of the brain is affected by ADHD?

Both the Prefrontal Cortex and Amygdala are effected in a person  with ADHD, primarily an imbalance of dopamine in these areas. A  person with ADHD tends to have insufficien

Do people get ADHD?

General consensus is no--It's something you're born with or develop very early in life. Recent studies are linking ADHD to a conjunction of genes and prenatal pesticide exposu

How many people died from ADHD?

ADHD is not a fatal disease. It is a learning disability. Of course, it is possible that a person could die from an accident caused by not paying attention, but there are no k