How many people can an entire cow feed?

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It depends on the size and how lean the cow or "cow" is. Assuming you are referring to an average market steer, which averages around 1250 lbs, the ideal percentage yield is less than 58%. If you get an average carcass weight of 700 lbs or more from that steer, and everyone eats an 8 oz. portion, it could feed an estimated 1400 people for certain.
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How many kilograms of feed does a cow eat a day?

One 454 kg cow with or without a calf will consume 11 kg of feed/forage DM (dry matter) ration per day (this is equivalent to what's called the Animal Unit, AU). In context, t

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How many cows are needed to feed 6 people for a year?

The average person consumes about 60 lbs of beef a year. By that math, it will take 360 lbs of meat. Dressing (the % an animal weight that is the bled carcass) is around 60%.

Why not feed people corn to cows?

You certainly can feed sweet corn ("people corn") to cattle, but farmers don't because it doesn't yield nearly as much as field corn (dent corn). Most cattle feedlots operate

How many pounds of feed do cows eat per day?

One 1000 lb cow with or without a calf will consume 25 lbs of feed/forage per day in dry matter (DM) ration. This is equivalent to what's called the Animal Unit (AU), since 1

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There are a lot of variables to consider here. Location, climate, vegetation, soil type/quality, forage biomass, and forage quality, whether you are using the land for grazing

How many lbs of feed does a dairy cow eat in a day?

Depending on her weight, and what reproductive stage she is in, a dairy cow typically will eat around 3 to 4% of her body weight in dry matter ration per day. In terms of as-f

How many calves will a cow feed at one time?

That depends on the type of cow. A dairy cow is able to feed four at one time, whereas a beef cow will be only able to feed one calf at a time--two if she's a really good prod

How many flakes of hay should you feed your cow?

Hay should be fed free-choice, and placed in an area where it is less likely to waste, like in a trough or a bale feeder. Cattle are not horses where they have to be fed a spe

How many times in a day will a farmer feed a cow?

It depends on the farmer, what that farmer is feeding and how muchof it he/she is feeding to their cows. Some will feed their cowsonce a week, others once every second day. If