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How many people have been killed in war during the twentieth century?

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70 million
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How many people were killed during the Vietnam War?

North Vietnam: 500,000 to 1,000,000 dead US: 58,000 dead South Vietnam: 1,000,000       Total U.S. deaths were approx. 58,000 (about 48,000 combat-related, 10,000 non

What are the wars that happened in the Middle East during the twentieth century?

The wars between Israel and the Arab nations include:   The war of independence (1947-49), Reprisal Operations  (1950's-1960's), Suez Crisis (1956), Six Day War (1967), W

How many people were killed during the Toledo war?

No one died in the Toledo War. The only blood that was shed happened when Two Stickney (the son of Major Benjamin Stickney) stabbed Michigan Deputy Sheriff Joseph Wood (was a

How many people have been killed during the Israel palestine war?

around 13 Israelis and 1400 Palestinians. 4/13 Israelis died due to friendly fire Israel = 176,500 (total) Backed by tanks, artillery, gunboats, and aircraft Hammas =

How many people have been killed in all wars combined?

I did a whole lot of search on this. there have been so many wars in this world that the deaths of all wars has not been added. Guess what? After doing such search, your quest

What diseases killed many people during World War 1?

Many have suggested that an epidemic of Trenchfoot was responsible for a majority of deaths during WW1. Trenchfoot, also called immersion foot, was a disease that caused you t

How many people were killed during the Civil War?

Most countries on Earth have had, or are having to some degree, a  civil war. Unless you specify the one you refer to, we cannot tell  you what you want to know without list