How many people vote for the American Idol?

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There was a record breaking 97.5 million votes cast for the season 7 finale, but since you can vote often it is not the number of people who voted
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How many people cast votes American idol?

As you could probably imagine, Votes vary depending on the days. Usually about 31 million votes come in for the top 12, boys and girls.. Glad to help!. ~Kimmie

How many people tune in to American Idol?

I'm not sure but I do.And I know it must be a lot since they got 90 million votes for the finale. hi im kaitlynn dumal of longbeach Mississippi and i love American idol1

Who will get voted off American Idol?

Can't tell the future but the related question will let you know who was voted off the 2011 season 10 show and who is still a contestant . well, based on the Lennon/McCartney

How many people voted for American idol in 2004?

American Idol had 360 million votes that year, but that is not the number of different people who voted only the number of persons placing a vote no matter how many times a sh

Who is voted off on American Idol?

The related question has the latest status on who was voted off when for the 2011 season 10 . Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze are the top 2 season 9 contestests. Casey James

How many people win American idol?

This year's winner will be the Tenth. That is why this is the tenth season and at the end of May 2011 the 10th person will win. If you were asking about how many a year or TV

Who are all of the people voted off American idol 2012?

DeAndre Brackensick 17 years old | San Jose, CA Judges choice for Steven Voted off April 5 2012 Erika Van Pelt 26 years old | South Kingstown, RI Judges choice for Randy Lef