How many pictures does 8gb flash drive hold?

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8gb worth. To determine the size of your pictures select one and at the bottom of the window it should have something that says 800KB or 1.2MB (could be any number, KB and MB are the units) If it is in MB open calculator and work out 8192 divided by the number, if it is in KB work out 8388608 / the number. The number that your calculator gives you is how many pictures your flash drive will hold approximately (as pictures vary in size).
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How many pictures will 8GB hold?

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How many song and pictures a 8GB hold?

about 1750 songs. i don't know the number of pictures but there is more difference in file size with pictures but definitely more then the number of songs.

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It depends on 1. compression format used by the recording device (e.g. camcorder) and 2. quality setting at which the video is recorded. These two determine how much of disk s

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