How many presents does Santa deliver in 1 night?

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Roughly 1,829,256,297 presents to eager girls and boys all over the world. This is just a rough estimate based on the population of children in the world.
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Why did santa start delivering presents?

You know that feeling you get when you make someone happy. Well that's how Santa felt when he started gift giving. Before he used to give gifts to people locally and wear gree

How does Santa deliver all the presents in 24 hours?

Santa assigns your mom and dad the task to deliver gifts to you. He has got lots of contacts and there are also some clone Santa in every locality to do the job. Santa has onl

How many presents does Santa make?

First of all, SANTA IS NOT REAL. And second, Santa doesn't make the presents. The elves make the presents.

How many years has santa been delivering presents?

Basically ever since Jesus was born. The three wise men were forerunners to the more modern santa.

Why does Santa only deliver presents to good boys and girls?

To give kids a motivation to be good throughout the year =P Good children are rewarded for being nice and bad children are not. So you better watch out You better not

How many presents does Santa deliver per minute?

Ho Ho Ho........ . Well, the truth is, Santa and his reindeer travel threw time and space at the speed of light. So, by our calculations, depending on how many cookie breaks

How many toys does Santa deliver?

A lot. There are a lot of kids.