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How many presents does Santa deliver in 1 night?

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Roughly 1,829,256,297 presents to eager girls and boys all over the world. This is just a rough estimate based on the population of children in the world.
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How many years has santa been delivering presents?

Basically ever since Jesus was born. The three wise men were forerunners to the more modern santa.

How many presents does Santa deliver per minute?

  Ho Ho Ho........   Well, the truth is, Santa and his reindeer travel threw time and space at the speed of light. So, by our calculations, depending on how many coo

When does santa cluas deliver presents?

Santa Claus delivers presents on Christmas eve day and he has a full day then because some countries are like a day forward than us or a day behind so and when he comes to you

Does Santa deliver the Christmas presents on Christmas eve night?

If you have not grown up yet then yes Santa does deliver the gifts on Christmas Eve, But if you already know then no he does not, Santa is a made up magical being who delivers