How many quarts of dirt are in a cubic foot of dirt?

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There are 25 3/4 dry quarts is cubic foot.
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How much does a cubic foot of dirt or manure weigh?

It depends on the moisture content of the manure and soil. Also it depends on the makeup of the soil. A cubic foot of smaller soil particles will weigh more than a very sandy

How many cubic feet of dirt in a ton?

It varies with the soil. A cubic ft of compacted dirt weighs 100-120 lbs. Somewhere between 17 and 20 cubic ft to a ton. A cubic yard is about a ton and a half.
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How many quarts of dirt in one half cubic feet?

That could be anything from 1 to about 2,2 qts - If i am vague that is because the term "dirt " is completely vacuous. - It could include sand, subsoil, topsoil, clay, loam, g