How many records did Tony Yayo sell?

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890,000 copies 1.1 million world wide
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Is tony yayo hatian?

Yes he is because he was holding a Haitian flag in rider pt. 2. & his mother is Haitian so yes he is.

How old is Tony Yayo?

US rapper "Tony Yayo" (Marvin Bernard) is 39 years old (birthdate: March 31, 1978).

Does tony yayo have kids?

Tony Yayo has a daughter named Maniyah who was born in 2003. He also has another child named London who was born in 2008.

Is tony yayo haitien?

Yes, Tony Yayo is Haitian & he's even mentioned this himself before....
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What has made Tony Yayo popular?

Music has made Tony Yayo popular. He is a rapper from Queens in New York City and has been active since 2002 releasing one studio album and a number of mix tapes.