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How many rings does manu ginobli have?

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Manu Ginobili has 3 championship rings because he was on the team during three of the championships that the team won
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How many rings does Michael Jordan have?

6 championship rings If you're referring to champioship rings, he has 6. He received them for winning the 1991-93 & 1996-98 NBA Championships.

How many rings are there in 'The Lord of the Rings'?

Three rings for Elven kings under the sky;   Seven for Dwarf Lords in their halls of stone;   Nine for mortal men, doomed to die;   One for the dark lord on his da

How tall is gianluca ginoble?

Gianluca appears to be an inch shorter than Piero Barone who is 174 cm (5' 8-1/2"). Ignazio Boschetto has said he is 183 cm ( around 6 ft) & Gianluca appears to be several inc

How many rings does Eli Manning have?

3...2 for winning superbowl twice and 1 for getting married

What does manu mean in manu Samoa?

Manu is Animal in English. In the name Manu Samoa, I can only surmise that Manu is used to describe the Team as Warriors with strength, power and fearlessness in them. Manu Sa

Who is manu?

Manu is a bird in maori!

Where is the manus region?

  manus   1. The distal part of the arm, including the carpus, metacarpus, and digits. 2. The hand.
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Who is manu feildel?

He is a French chef
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What are the planets with rings and how many rings do they have?

The planets Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus have rings. There are great number of rings around some planets, such as Saturn. These rings are often grouped into ring bands