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How many satellites does Mercury have?

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It has no natural satellites (moons).
Mercury is too close to the Sun to capture or keep any moons.

There is one NASA satellite orbiting Mercury: the MESSENGER spacecraft began mapping the planet in early 2013.
There are no moons nor satellites been sent to Mercury.
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Does Mercury have any satellites?

Mercury does not have any satellites. No. None, too close to the sun

Why do mercury and venus have no satellites?

Since Earth's Moon was likely formed from a chance collision, the formation of moons may not have been a stable process in the inner solar system. Any moons that formed around

How many satellites orbit Mercury?

Mercury has no known natural satellites (moons) or man made satellites currently in orbit around it.

How many satellites orbit the planet mercury?

Natural satellites? none.     Uranus - 27 known moons to date Jupiter - 63 known moons to date Saturn - 60 known moons to date Mercury - 0 Mars - 2 Earth -