How many seer is a 4 ton ac?

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SEER acronym is ?
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What is the Cost of a 16 seer 4 ton trane ac and furnace?

We just had the whole trane system installed. It is the same specs you are asking about. It also has a new furnace that is high efficiency as well as new thermostat that is di

How many amps does a 2 ton 14 SEER Trane AC draw at startup and running?

The answer you are looking for is on the condensing unit tag. It`s listed as FLA or (full load amps) or RLA (running load amps). Start up amps are appx 5 to 6 times this # but

How do you tell how many ton ac you have?

Generally in the Model Number on the outside condenser unit therewill be 2 numerals that together will be a multiple of 6; forexample 24, 30, 48 etc. If you divide that number

How many ounces does it take to fill a 4 ton AC unit?

hard to say it depends on the unit if it is self contained like a package unit (one piece) at your house roughly figure about 2 pounds per ton if it is a split system (two pie

What is the cost of a trane 4 ton 16 seer system including ac furnace and coil?

Around $300- $5000, depends on whether you want single-stage, multiple-stage, or super quiet high-end ones. Most popular brands have the same quality and warranty, but you s

What is the average cost of installation of a Goodman AC split heat pump 2.5 tons thirteen seer?

Cost may vary depends on the house size, accessibility, the amount of work involved in duct reworking, disconnecting/connecting gas electricity. Normally, it's better to rep

What is the seer of an ac unit?

SEER stands for seasonal energy eff rating. Each ac unit has a seer rating most made and installed in the 70s, 80s and part of the 90s, were 10 seer unit now the min seer rati
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How many kw is 1 ton Ac?

you tell me, idkk ! ..... dont be cheatin go in your math book or whatever it is
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Do you have to have a 4 ton coil for a 4 ton ac unit?

The rating is technically a minimum. You could use a larger coil and have it work. But if its a Evaporator coil it will need to be matched on the far end with a similar or lar