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How many solar systems are in our universe?

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How many solar system in our universe?

Some have been detected round other stars than the Sun. It is conjectured that million or even billions of stars must have their own solar systems, because without a solar sys

How many solar systems are there in the universe?

There are on the order of 100,000,000,000 (one hundred billion) galaxies in the universe, as far as current telescopes can detect. Some of these galaxies may hold up to 100,00

Where is the solar system located in the universe?

Within the actual universe, there is no way to know. However within the observable universe, since we are the one's observing, our solar system is at the very center.

What is the position of the universe to the solar system?

The solar system consists of the planets and debris in orbit around our star. There are many solar systems in our galaxy, ours is but one of myriads (many thousands--possibly

Is there another solar systems in the universe?

Yes. There are many other solar systems in the universe. In fact there is the probability for some 200 billion solar systems in our own Milky Way galaxy alone, because our

Is universe and solar system the same?

No they are different, the universe refers the whole of space, plants ,stars, solar system galaxy..., where as the solar system is the name we give a single star with planets

How is your solar system situated in the universe?

Because it is impossible to determine the extent of the universe because we are only aware of the parts we can see. For this reason, our solar system sits in the very middle o

How do universe differ from solar system?

Solar System is our Sun and the eight planets (Plus all the other stuff that revolves around our Sun). The Universe is everything - I mean everything. Trillions of stars, bi

How does the solar system fit into the universe?

Well, when we first left Mars in 1846 to transition to our new life on Earth, we created the best known creation to all of mankind, Reddit.com. This extension of our love for

How many solar system in the universes are there?

There are on average about 100 billion stars in each galaxy, and 100 billion galaxies in the known Universe, so that means that there are 10,000 billion billion stars in the k