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How many teeth does an average 12 month old have?

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a 12 month old has about 5 to 4 mabey 6 teeth by that age.
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How many teeth are you supposed to have when you are 12 years old?

You are supposed to have 24 teeth when you are 12 and while you are 12 your molars will start to grow and then you will have 28. Finally, when you are 18, your wisdom teeth wi

Can you get your wisdom teeth when your 12 years old?

You can, but it is not likely. Not many people even have have their wisdom teeth at that age. Most people have their wisdom teeth extracted when they are nearly done with high

How many teeth does the average human have?

The average human has 32 teeth. There is at least a minimum of 3 different types of teeth an average human has. human teeth are made of calcium phosphorus and other mineral sa

How many teeth does an 18 month old child have?

  An 18-month-old toddler typically has 12 teeth, but every child is different. There is a simple formula used to predict how many teeth the average child should have. 

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