How many times has Eminem gone platinum?

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Eminem has received 42 platinum certifications by the Recording Industry Association of America. Twenty-nine as a solo artist and eleven certifications with various artists
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What is Eminem-When you are Gone about?

Its about a dream Eminem has about how he goes to Sweden to do a show and Hailie (his daughter) and Kim (his wife at the time) show up and Hailie says "You lied to me daddy, a

How many times has justin bieber gone platinum?

My World: 2x platinum Canda 1x Platinum in USA 2x Platinum in UK Gold in Japan 1x Platinum Austria 1x Platinum Germany My World 2.0: Australia: 2x platinum Canada: 2x platin
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Who many times has eminem overdosed?

Twice, once on purpose [you could call it a suicide attempt, but Em claims he wasn't trying to kill himself, he was just depressed] in 1996, and he accidentally ODed on methad