How many water molecules can bond to another water molecule?

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One water molecule may surround by four other water molecules tetrahedrally as in case of ice.
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How do water molecules bond?

Water molecules are polar- meaning they have a negatively charged end and a positively charged end. The electrons in the bonds between the Hs and the O are more towards the O,

Is a water molecule a covalent bond?

The oxygen and hydrogen atoms in a water molecule are joined by covalent bonds.

What is hydrogen bonding of water molecules?

A hydrogen bond is an intermolecular bond between a hydrogen attached to an electronegative atom (N,O, F, etc) on one molecule and an atom with a lone pair of electrons on ano

What bond is found in a water molecule?

There is a covalent bond beween the oxygen atom and each of the hydrogen atoms. This bond is polar. other types of bonding can occur- covalent and ionic.