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How many water molecules can bond to another water molecule?

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One water molecule may surround by four other water molecules tetrahedrally as in case of ice.
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How many hydrogen bonds can a single molecule of water make?

A single water molecule can make three to four hydrogen bonds. A single water molecule can usually make three hydrogen bonds but in some cases it can make up to four. Hint: I

What type of bonds are in a water molecule?

hydrogen bonds.  In water, the 2 hydrogen atoms are slightly positive while the oxygen is slightly negative. The two hydrogen atoms will align themselves at one end of the ox

How many hydrogen bonds can one water molecule make?

hydrogen can form 4 bonds with a molecule of water due to presence of a pair of lone pairs on oxygen atom.

What bond is found in a water molecule?

There is a covalent bond beween the oxygen atom and each of the hydrogen atoms. This bond is polar. other types of bonding can occur- covalent and ionic.

How do water molecules bond?

Water molecules are polar- meaning they have a negatively charged end and a positively charged end. The electrons in the bonds between the Hs and the O are more towards the O,
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Which type of bond is responsible for the attraction of one water molecule to another?

When water molecules are attracted to other water molecules, this is called COHESION. This is because the oxygen end of water has a negative charge and the hydrogen end has a
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How Many water molecules are In water?

Thinking logically here... USING MY BRAIN!!! If there is 1 molecule of water for every 1 molecule of water, then the proportion of water molecules in water will be the same. 1