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How many wives can a Muslim have under Islamic law?

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Muslims can have up to four wives at a time under Sharia law.
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How many wives can Muslims have?

4 wives but God said he should not marry even 1 wife if could not make her live a good and full life. A Muslim having more than 1 wife is actually kind of rare.... .. ..

How many wives do muslim men have?

The Muslim man is entitled to marry up to a maximum of four wives but subject to certain conditions.

How many wives are Muslims allowed to have?

Islam limited the number of wives for a Muslim man to have at one time to four. Before Islam, there were some men with 6,7,8 or rarely 10 and even 15 wives. Muslims are allowe

Do muslim men have many wives?

The Muslim man is allowed to have a maximum of four wives but subject to strict conditions and rules. Refer to related question below.

Can Muslim men have many wives?

Answer: Throughout the history of the world, women have out-numbered men. Why? Who knows all the reasons. Anyway, men marrying more than one woman has been a part of the reli

In UK is it legal to have two wives under Muslim law?

i am british divorced under UK law but still married under Muslim law can my ex remarry at the mosque without my permission, he wont give me divorce under Muslim law ?help ple

Why Muslims marry many wives?

Muslims are allowed to marry up to 4 wives. however, this is not a rule and this allowance is subject to certain conditions. Historically, it was the practice for men to marry

In Islam how many wives can you have?

The religion itself says nothing about how many wives you may have. it depends on the laws of the country.

How does Islamic law guide Muslim life?

Islam itself is more of a way of life than it is as a religion. It has step-by-step guides and rules throughout every aspect of a Muslim's daily life.

How many wives are permitted in Islam?

The number of wives allowed for a man to marry is limited to a maximum of four wives and subject to strict conditions. This number was unlimited before Islam. Refer to related
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How many wives can a Muslim have?

they can only have one. it was in the very old times that some Muslim man had more than one wife and that was because all the man were gone to war and th ewomen were left alon

Why are Islamic laws are important to Muslims?

according to Islam disobeying God is sin and God will is described in Quran and are called Islamic laws. and according to Islam disobeying laws of Islam may lead entering Hell
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How many wives can an Algerian Muslim have?

A Muslim man living in any part of the world can have Four wives ata time according to Islam if he can do justice to each one of them.