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How many women has James Bond killed?

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In the movies, only a few (the old saying that Bond often kills women after sleeping with them is a myth). The first was Naomi, the helicopter pilot in Spy Who Loved Me. The second was Xenia in GoldenEye when he causes a helicopter to crush her. The third was Elektra in The World is Not Enough who is the only woman in the series to be killed in cold blood by Bond. In Thunderball there is a scene in which Bond is dancing with Fiona and she is shot by her henchmen when he suddenly spins her in front of him - but the film leaves it ambiguous as to whether Bond intentionally used her as a human shield. Bond is also involved in Rosa Klebb's death in From Russia with Love, but the actual killing is by Tatiana, who shoots Rosa.
In comics, in "Sea Dragon" episode, drawn by Yaroslav Horak, he killed beautiful black nurse . She points a gun at him, but he throws a bottle and knocks her out, and than throws her across the room, and chain from her bracelet get stuck in smashed TV set (smashed by bullet from her gun) and electrocutes her. That must be most ruthless of all Bond woman killings, because she was already knocked out and completely powerless, and she wasn't actually that of the villain to begin with.
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