How many words are used in the book The Hobbit?

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95,674 words in the English copy that I have.
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What do hobbits like to do in the book 'The Hobbit'?

Hobbits are small half sized humans that exist only in stories. Most of them have either think brown hair or thick red hair. They have no need for shoes because they have natural "leather padded" feet. They enjoy bright colors on their clothing, including yellow, and green. Eating is something that (MORE)

Who wrote the book 'The Hobbit'?

The book was supposedly written out by Bilbo Baggins. It is by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, more commonly known as J.R.R.Tolkien, published September 21, 1937. He also wrote "The Lord ofthe Rings" and several other works that take place in the sameuniverse as such as The Silmarillion and the famous (MORE)

Why is 'The Hobbit' a good book?

\nThis is a matter of opinion. I thought it was a good book because it was suspenseful, exciting, fun, had likeable characters, and was written well.

What is the book of The Hobbit all about?

It is basically about Bilbo Baggins,(Frodos uncle) and how he foes on a quest to kill the dragon with the dwarves and how he ends up finding the " ring ". if you are going to read the lord of the rings you have to read the hobbit first.

Is The Hobbit in any other books?

Tolkien's hobbit characters can only be found in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Some discussion of them can be found in his History of Middle Earth books, basically they are notes about the writing and creation of Middle Earth.

What is the denouement in the book The Hobbit?

A denouement is an afterwards, a final scene that occurs after the dramatic climax has been reached. They generally wrap up loose ends or let the reader know what happened after the resolution of most of the plot. In The Hobbit, after Bilbo has returned successfully from his quest and restored his l (MORE)

In The Hobbit book why are the wolves gathering?

The wolves are gathering to meet up with the goblins. They had been working together for some time. This night they were getting ready for a big raid down into the valley against the settlers there to kill and wipe them out.

What is in the cave in the book The Hobbit?

The cave is the home to goblins of the mountain that attack Bilbo, Gandalf and the dwarves. Gollum also lives in the deepest part of the mountain, where he keeps the ring of power. Bilbo steals the ring and starts a riddle game with Gollum. He beats Gollum and escapes the caves and catches up with t (MORE)

What is the purpose of the elves in the book The Hobbit?

The answer to this question is an essay, not a paragraph. But a few things can be quickly said. Many purposes, they: - represent unfallen humans / angels - show the divine in creation - show the problem of pride and the redemptive value of humility - represent the "art" of magic, v.s. the "scienc (MORE)

Is The Hobbit a science fiction book?

No, The Hobbit is not classified as Science Fiction. It belongs in the fantasy genre. Anytime magic is involved, you can pretty much bet it is going to be fantasy..

How many races are The Hobbit book?

In no particular order: . Istari (Maiar) - Wizards . Hobbits . Grey Elves (Noldor possibly) . Wood Elves (Sylvan) . Adanedhel - Half Elven . Men . Hill Trolls . Orcs . Goblins (as used to refer to the lesser breeds of Orc) . Corrupted Hobbit (since there is only one it is arguab (MORE)

How many books are there in The The Hobbit series?

That will depend on how you define series. The Hobbit is a single book. The Lord of the Rings has six books in it, most will say three, but each of the books has two books in it. There is also the Silmarillion which has Middle Earth and its origins. And there is a whole series called the (MORE)

What is the word 'commons' used for in 'The Hobbit'?

The 'commons' is a term used for areas in a town or city that are 'common' to all the people of the community. They were sort of like parks or gathering places. Most small communities have a large open area near the center of town, often just off the town hall or courthouse like this. In days gone p (MORE)

What is the thunder-battle in The Hobbit book?

The Battle of the Five Armies. . Nope, the "thunder-battle" is a great thunderstorm in the Misty Mountains while the Dwarves and Bilbo try to cross the pass. (Note: In the first edition the "thunder" is literally the crashing of great boulders against the mountains as Giants fight. This is edited (MORE)

How many hobbits are in 'The Hobbit'?

Only one as a main character: Bilbo Baggins. Others are mentioned, but do not play a main part. Six others are mentioned by name: Belladonna Took and Bungo Baggins, mentioned as Bilbo's parents. The Old Took Mr. Grubb, Mr. Grubb, and Mr. Burrowes, who were responsible for selling off (MORE)

What was the atmosphere in the book 'The Hobbit'?

The atmosphere of the hobbit book would be "adventure, stepping out of your comfort zone, and living life to the fullest" It took place in the shire, in caves , along side of mountains, in the woods, in elf villages, and many other places.

Is The Hobbit a book worth reading?

I think so. But that's just my opinion. It is one of my favorites. I have about a dozen copies in five languages as well as the primary books about the writing and history of The Hobbit.

Hobbit book worth 1956?

A 1956 edition in excellent shape, with dustcover would be worth around $50 to $100 to a collector.

How many times is the word delight used in the Book of Mormon?

With all due respect might I ask that you ask a more intelligent question than this. Though your question deserves an answer it is unworhty of a person who desires more knowledhe in what the message of the Book of Mormon contains. Therefore the answer is 40 times which includes "delightsome and deli (MORE)

Is there more than one hobbit in the book 'The Hobbit'?

Not really. There is mention of some of Bilbo's relatives, but none of them have any real role in the story. Though the movie version is going to play up on it and will actually have Frodo in the story, even though Frodo isn't born until 30 years after Bilbo returns from his adventure.

Is The Hobbit a classic fantasy book?

It is definitely a fantasy book. Most people would consider it classic in both the time it has been in existance and the format fitting the classic legend format.

What is the ending of The Hobbit book?

In the end, there is the Battle of Five Armies, in which Thorindies, and Kili and Fili die defending him, for he was their uncle.Bilbo had used his ring to become invisible and didn't really doany fighting. He was knocked out when he cried out "Eagles! TheEagles are coming!" and was hit on the head (MORE)

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