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There is no deadline. However after a certain point you won't be eligible for a refund or to make certain elections. And after a certain point, the IRS may not be able to collect on a non-fraudulent error you made, but you are welcome to pay anyway just in case you are being considered for a cabinet position.

If you did something fraudulent and want to come clean, it is best to get the 1040X filed before the IRS starts investigating.

If you forgot to claim a deduction, you have until three years after the original due date of the return (assuming you filed on time and didn't make any payments after the due date). You have seven years to claim a worthless security or a bad debt.

If you want to recharacterize an IRA contribution or take a corrective distribution, you have until the extended due date of your return (assuming you filed on time or filed an extension on time).

If you want to switch from a joint return to a separate return, the deadline is the original due date of your return.

There are a lot of different deadlines for a lot of different problems. You are always free to file, but it may or may not do you any good.
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Can you e-file an amended tax return?

  No. You can use a computer program or a web site to prepare your amended returns, but when you are done, you will have to print them out on paper (every program I know

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What is an amended tax return?

A return filed to correct one that was already filed if some change or error becomes known.   For income tax, it is done on a 1040X...a very simple form (show what chaged,

What is the deadline for filing a federal tax return for the previous tax year if you have been granted an extension?

For the 2009 1040 federal income tax return the due date with the  approved extension is October 15 2010 and if you qualify you can  still file it online for free by going t

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  Unless you are referring to a STATE tax exemption due to age - during a quick search. I could find no such age exemption for filing U.S. Federal tax returns with the IRS

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As a qualifying child dependent on another taxpayers income tax return more than 950 of unearned income would be required to file a 1040 federal income tax return. For more

What is file an amended tax return?

If you have filed a tax return but you then realize that your return is inaccurate in some way and you wish to correct the inaccuracy, you can file a revised tax return which

How many years can a trustee take your tax return after filling chapter13?

  The trustee is not the adversary. He is taking care of your affairs, because you couldn't, and you asked the Court to do so, and protect you while it did. The DEBTS
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Tax Return is a Financial Charge Usually Calculated in Percentage(%) or Other Levy Imposed Upon a Taxpayer by a state or theFunctional Correspondent of a State to Fund Various