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How much are beats headphones?

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How much do the beats headphones cost?

over-ear headphones price ranges from $150 - $300 and in-ear costs  somewhere between $100-$200    By the way, if you want to buy headphone,  shoetocheap.ru would be

Is ifrogz headphones better then beats?

ifrogz are better i tried beats and i thought they were good but the price was insane i took them back in then got ifrogz earpollution CS40 and they were good too but they wer

Should you by beats by dre headphones?

Depends on your opinion, They are okay quality; but they are very overpriced for what you get. You can buy much cheaper hdeaphones and have just the same if not better sound q

Which headphones are better beats or soul?

Depends on what you are using the headphones for. If you are in to very clear, crisp music with deep bass, or, you are a DJ, even the solos are professional grade headphones.