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They can range from $1.00 - $25.00.
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How much does a scrub technician make?

A scrub technician can earn as much as $59,000 a year. In the US as  of May 2011, scrub technicians make on average $42,460 per year.  Income varies depending on location an

Where is scrubs located?

Scrubs is filmed on location at the North Hollywood Medical Center, a real decommissioned hospital located at 12629 Riverside Drive in the North Hollywood neighborhood of Los

What happens in Scrubs?

It's a medical show focusing on the lives of one guy and his best friends etc. as they work their way up. Similar to Grey's Anatomy etc-depends what you prefer.

What is scrubs?

Scrubs means somthing a LPN are a RN wear when they are working at a nursing home are hospitals. Scrubs is the uniform doctors and nurses wear. Scrubs is a TV show about a

You are a scrub?

Scrub means something very very mean its not nice at all and shouldn't be said and who ever put this question NO im NT u r for puttin tht question up here being dumb

How much do you need to scrub a Budgie's Water Container?

Each and every day if you want a healthy budgie, so its doesn't get any green algae on the bottle.. your bird has droppings and some of its business can get in the water so i

Is it good to be a scrub?

No, Scrub is a slang term usually defined as someone thinking they're 'all that' when in reality, they are not.
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How much is clinique 7 day scrub system?

The clinique 7 day scrub systems has varying costs. This is due to the many parts that can be added onto each system. For a starting bottle of the Clinique system the cost is

How much colors are Florida scrub jays?

The scrub jay has blue wings and tail, and the crown of the head and back of the neck are also blue. The neck is whitish with gray streaks, and the body is pale gray.The bird