How much blood do your kidneys filter per day?

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The average human has about 1.0 to 1.5 gallons of blood. The kidneys continually filter this throughout the day, all the blood being filtered about once every 45 minutes or so.
There are 32 x 45 minute cycles in a day, therefore the figure is between
(32 x 1.0 =) 32 gallons a day, and (32 x 1.5 =) 48 gallons a day
The BBC Body page puts the figure at 150 liters a day which is around 40 US (33 UK) gallons. Other data source puts the figure at about 180 liters a day, which is 48 US ( 40 UK) gallons.
Obviously the amount filtered each day in any individual case will depend on such things as body blood volume and activity (or otherwise!) of the person etc
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