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Employers do not have to issue 1099s for less than $600. But if your employer provides you with a 1099 of any amount, you must file a return. The reason is that those wages have not been taxed for social security (self-employment) tax.
Self-employment tax is a mandatory tax that the Social Security Administration has jurisdiction over and that is governed by the IRS. You need to remember that when paying self-employment tax you are basically paying yourself since the monies are put into your account with Social Security.
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If you file a 1099 tax form can you file rapid refund?

Rapid refund and such are done by private companies and are fancy names for very expensive loans. If your paid on a 1099, you were required to make estimated tax payments thro

How do I get a 1099 for earning from SSA for 2012?

These forms are called 1099-SSA and are mailed to Social Security recipients in January of the year following when they received the payments.  If you cannot locate this you

How long should you keep 1099's on file?

I just spoke with a representative with the Internal Revenue Service. There is no definitive time frame to hold W-9s in your files. However, to be on the safe side, this repre

How much can senior citizen earn before filing income tax?

As of 2008, senior citizens have to file income taxes if they make  more than $20,000 as a couple. Single payer seniors have to pay  taxes if their salary is above $10,300.

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How much will you have to pay with a 1099?

You will have to complete your 1040 federal income tax return correctly and completely before yo will know the correct numbers that you NEED to know. You are the only one that

How much can you earn before you are issued a 1099 for miscellaneous income?

At least $10 in royalties (see Box 2 on page 4) or broker payments in lieu of dividends or tax-exempt interest (see Box 8 on page 6); At least $600 in rents, services (includ

How much tax do you pay on a 1099?

There are many, many different 1099s and some can handle many different types of things.   The tax you pay on most ANY income depends on your own personal situation, other

How much income can a child earn from shares if they have a tax file number and do a tax return?

UNEARNED INCOME Sale of stocks, bonds, securities and etc. personal asset nonbusiness MUST FILE A 1040 tax form using the information from the 1099-B to report the transaction