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How much does a grain of rice weigh?

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Rice grains vary widely. Most grains weigh 20-30 mg, although experimental breeding has produced them as large as 78 mg.
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How much does a grain of rice cost?

Our class found there were 3750 grains of rice in 1/4 cup, and 75,000 grains of rice in a 2 lb bag. We divide $2 by 75,000 and found that one grain of white rice cost $.000027

How much does a grain weigh?

Assuming you mean the obsolete mass unit rather than a grass seed. one grain is 64.799 milligrams.
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How much does 2000 grains of rice weigh?

A single grain of rice weights approximately .028 grams. 2000  grains of rice weighs 56 grams. Since one pound is equal to 453.6  grams, 2000 grains of rice is equal to .12