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How much does a straight perm cost when your hair is medium length?

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i heard around 90 dollars or more but it depends on the hair salon your going to. hope this helped. oh and also i heard you can't shower for 2-3 days after you had it done so no water can touch it.
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What simple and easy hairstyles can you do with your medium length straight black hair?

Halve your hair and put it up. Then split the rest of the hair  and the ponytail into half and out it to one side. Then do the 3  style plait with a fringe in front of your

Can you go swimming after a hair straighting perm?

  You really shouldn't. Get a good, water tight swimming cap, and even then, wait a few weeks. You've already had several strong chemicals in your hair, and the chlorine i

How much does medium length hair weigh?

  If your hair is not layered, it is pretty heavy. If you don't want it to be heavy, ask your hairdresser to layer it (though there are not many ways to wear your hair exc

Will straight hair look good in a perm?

Yes. My hair was straight with only a little wave, I put it in a perm a year ago and it was awesome...just remember, it's permanent. I'm sick of it now, but I have to wait unt

How much does it cost to get your hair permanent straighting?

It depends on where you go to get it done because most would cost around $200 or more at a hair salon. i would prefer doing it yourself, because at most hair stores like sally
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Is a curly perm cute on medium hair?

Depends on your type of hair, and the size of the rod that they are using to perm the hair. If the rod is really really small, I would not suggest it. Once you perm your hair