How much does baby formula cost for one year?

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According to Baby formula buying guide published by Consumer Reports (online) and last updated December 2015:

"In an informal survey of retailers around the country we found that in general, formula prices were lowest at mass merchandisers. For example, we found the following mean prices per ounce for Enfamil Premium Infant Powder: 84 cents at Costco, $1.04 at Walmart and Babies R Us, and $1.06 at Target. We found the highest prices at drugstores--a mean price per ounce of $1.14 at Walgreens and $1.16 at CVS. Supermarket prices were in-between, with a mean of $1.10.

Generally, milk-based formula tends to cost less than soy-based formula, so don't buy soy or another type of special formula unless your pediatrician recommends it."The article states, "... if your baby is consuming only formula, you're likely to shell out more than $1,400 by her first birthday, depending on her nutritional requirements and the type of formula you choose. "

As comparison, in 1977, women were just beginning to have a wider assortment of formula choices and to have the option to not breastfeed without guilt. In 1977, a can of premixed (liquid) Soy Formula cost $1.79 per largest can, versus $1.05 for a small can of liquid Enfamil (similar to cow's milk). Note: Dry soy formula that mothers mixed with water at home indeed cost much less at about $1.50-1.60 per dry box, but it was less convenient and messier to use.

NOTE: Soy milk is used primarily when an infant has an allergy to cow-based formulas and regular milk. Babies should not be randomly put on soy formula without good reason.
The actual amount of baby formula use for one year would be about $2,000.
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