How much is a Carl Gustaf XVI 1976 Sweden coin worth?

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Probably 1 SEK. Or 5 if it is a 5 SEK coin.
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What is a Carl XVI Gustaf Sverige coin worth?

Please post a new question with 2 important details - the coin's date and its denomination. The denomination will be in kronor or öre. "Sverige" is Swedish for ... Swede

What is a coin that says Carl XVI Gustaf Sverige 1987 worth and where does it come from?

"Sverige" is Swedish for, well, Sweden. Anything with that new a date on it is a common circulation coin worth face value only. Sweden uses the Swedish crown (SEK) as its c

How much is carl xvi gustaf sverige 2000 1kr worth?

2010-06-22 13:54 (swedish time) 100 SEK (100 kronor) is worth 7,6375 USD / 9,505 Euro (1 SEK = 0,07 USD / 0,095 Euro) And that is pretty average. Which king the coin show
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What is a 1990 carl xvi gustaf sverige coin worth?

One of the numbers (50, 1, 5 and 10) stands on the coin. 50 = ½ Krona, 1 = 1 Krona, 5 = 5 Kronor and 10 = 10 Kronor. At this moment 1 dollar cost's about 6,7 Kronor. You