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How much money would I have if I saved five dollars a day for ten years?

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Here's some thinking behind the question:
  • There are 365 days in a year, except for leap years which have 366
  • Leap years occur basically every 4 years, so there will be 8 non-leap years and 2 leap years
  • You might have the money in an account that could earn some interest, but for the sake of argument, we'll say it isn't earning interest - which will vary according to the type of account.

If you set aside $5 each day for 10 years, you will have: ($5 x 365 x 8 non-leap years) + ($5 x 366 x 2 leap years) Or you can make it simpler and say: ($5 x 365 x 10) + $10 [for the extra 2 days in the leap years]
Figuring out the total from there should not be difficult.
Thanks for the feedback!

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