How much of your back ssdi pay will be taken for back chuld support?

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I receive $800. prmonth, child support is garnishing $500. pr. Month How do I reduce the garnishments
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How much back pay child support can you ask for?

In theory, you can ask for support retroactive to the child's birth. The courts will look at several factors, including when the father became aware of the child, what agreeme

How do you pay back child support?

You make arrangements with child support enforcement and request that interest penalties be set aside. While making payments, twice a year request a printout to make sure they

Can you pay two states child support and who pays you back?

To my knowledge, there is no prohibition on collection of child support by more than one State as long as the total amount collected doesn't exceed the amount due (including a

Will your child also receive back pay from your SSDI?

Meaning of "back pay" is unclear; however, children may receive RSDI benefits based on the obligor's SSA account. Such a benefit is considered child support. If that benefit e