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How much of your back ssdi pay will be taken for back chuld support?

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I receive $800. prmonth, child support is garnishing $500. pr. Month How do I reduce the garnishments
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Can you get into the military if you owe back pay in child support?

Pay up your arrears before applying. The military does not allow late child support.

Do you have to pay back child support for a child you never knew about?

Yes. If you have been determined to be the father the court can assess back child support depending on state laws. The mother may have been recently made aware that she is ent

How many weeks behind in child support do you have to be before you can be taken back to court?

Every State's laws are different for child support issues, although Federal Law allows one State's court order to be enforced across state lines. First-time non-compliance G

Does a father have to pay for back child support when released from prison?

  Yes. Wrong! The only time some one pays "Back Child support" is if the work and do not pay the correct amount from their pay checks. If a person is unemployed the are n

When a parent is incarcerated do they have to pay back child support owed?

In such a situation the support order will remain valid and  collectible. When the person is released from custody the child  support enforcement division for the state will

Can back child support be taken out of VA disability checks?

Unfortunately no. The process for collecting a childs portion of a Veterans Compensation payment requires to parent or gardian to apply for what is called an Apportionment. Th