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How much raisins are in raisin bran?

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there are 2 scoops of raisins in raisin bran but it is random every time.
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What is the ticker symbol for Raisin Bran?

Kellogg's ticker symbol on the NYSE is "K", General Mills' is  "GIS", and Post Holdings is "POST". They all offer "Raisin Bran".

Why does raisin bran cause you to bloat up?

I think you may be gluten-intollerant. You may need a gluten-free diet. This is exctly what happens to me so I no longer eat bread, bran or anything with wheat, rye or bran in

What does raisin bran have that is so good for you?

bran=fiber(good) however...raisins=sugar(bad) Bran is one of the best types of insoluble fibers. Makes you poop, which can help decrease your chances of colon cancer by el

Can rabbits eat raisin bran cereal?

Although it may seem tempting to spoil our little friends with our tasty treats, it is often bad, if not lethal, to do so. In general a rabbit will do best with a diet of meas
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Would Raisin Bran be Wheaties without the raisins?

I'm pretty sure this is an opinionated question rather then fact  based. In my opinion, yes, it would be Wheaties.    A bit more:   Raisin Bran without the raisins