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How much sex do men need?

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as much as you can give him!
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Do women love sex as much as men?

Answer. I'd have to say a big yes to this question, but a big no when it comes to all women. Women are no different than men when it comes to loving sex, they just want to be

Why do gay men need stronger sex?

gay men do not need stronger sex. Healthy sexual activity is a needfor most people, gay or straight.

How much sex do you need to have?

Unless you're trying for a baby, you don't really need to havesex at all. . And even that can be sorted out with a donor and a syringe. . It can be nice, relaxing and all th

How much sex does a married man need?

Being married has nothing to do with it. . The strength of a person's sex drive is a personalcharacteristic. Some need more to feel content, some need less. . Unless the mar