How much water do Brazil have?

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In Brazil
over 3 thousand bodies of water
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How much does land cost in Brazil?

Well, it particularly depends in which state or city you want tobuy. Secondly, the price also varies if you want to buy productiveland, commercial land or land for a house. Moreover, the land nearcoastal areas facing beach would be dearer as compared to landoutside the main city.

How much does a job in Brazil pay?

Not very much . Not much, my friend... it depends on what you want to work on. If you work in the IT area, you might get good salaries, but it also depends. Usually, long-carrer government employees get good money. Soccer players from A-class teams also get paid really well. Actor and singers als (MORE)

How much milk is produced in Brazil?

They produce abut 3 pints of milk in brazil becuase the cow are to skinny and if they take more than 3 they will die and there will be less milk. :(

How much does a registered nurse make in Brazil?

A nurse working in the country of Brazil makes between $7,000 peryear and $25,000 per year depending on their training and theregion they live in. The average annual salary for a nurse inBrazil, Indiana is $63,000.

How much is a pair of havaianas in Brazil?

the cheapest ones are about R$ 12,00 Real (plural: Reais) is the Brazilian currency. $ 1,00 (1 dollar) is about R$ 1,60 (1,6 reais) There are other havaianas' styles, and also customized havaianas, that are more expensive.

How much rain does Brazil get?

Precipitation levels vary widely. Most of Brazil has moderate rainfall of between 1,000 and 1,500 millimeters a year, with most of the rain falling in the summer (between December and April) south of the Equator. The Amazon region is notoriously humid, with rainfall generally more than 2,000 millime (MORE)

How much of the Amazon Rainforest is in Brazil?

Brazil has the majority of the Amazon rainforest, with 60 percent within its borders. The Amazon rainforest [Floresta Amazonia] covers most of the Amazon Basin of South America. The Basin totals 7 million square kilometers [1.7 billion acres]. The rainforest covers 5.5 million square kilometers [1 (MORE)

How much corn does Brazil produce?

The amount of corn produced by Brazil in the 2012-2013 growingseason was around 76 million tons. Other important crops grown inBrazil are soybeans and coffee.

How much sugar does Brazil produce?

Brazil is the top-producing country for sugar. In 2011, Brazilproduced 734,000 thousand metric tons of sugarcane. Brazil usessugarcane to produce sugar and ethanol.

What countries and bodies of water border Brazil?

The Countries and Bodies of water that border Brazil. Bordering countries or oceans: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela; Bordering Ocean: Atlantic Ocean.

How much oil does Brazil produce?

Brazil is the world's 7 th largest producer of oil. Brazil produces about 2.5 million barrels per day. Of this, about 1.8 million barrels is crude oil.

How much food do people have on average in Brazil?

People should take thefoods as per their height, weight, age and daily activities. Aperson should have to consume pretty nutrition food with all bodyneeds like fats (unsaturated fats), proteins and carbohydrates.From one country to another country the food habits may vary, but Idon't think so countr (MORE)

How much of Brazil does the amazon rainforest cover?

The Amazon Rainforest actually covers about 60% of Brazil, makingit one of Brazil's most valuable assets. This dense and lushrainforest not only consumes most of the world's carbon dioxideoutput, but it also in turn releases a great deal of oxygen to theplanet.

Brazil-how much good farmland is in Brazil?

there's no way to mesure that, but they're very good.. Specially on the south region, where there's a soil called the Purple Soil (which acctually is red), that has a extremely high level of fertility. And also the North-east region, which can be dry with porr vegetation in some periods of the year (MORE)

How much is to export car to Brazil?

Depend! What type of car do you need to export there Where are your location What kind of transportation mode you use to export your car there How much import taxes there in Brazil And any other minor factors such as shipping time, insurance, registration fees, and it might necessitate to (MORE)

How much does an average Brazil nut weigh?

0.62 ounces. I am guessing Emmychung's weight above includes the shell. Iweighed 4 shelled nuts ranging from 2g(0.07oz) to 6g(0.21oz) so Iguess 4g(0.14oz) would be an average.

How much does an average house in Brazil cost?

depends where in sao palo the capital a apartment can average 800 $ a month in American dollars and a home 1000 to 2000 $ but in Brazil you pay in real homes in Sao Palo, Rio de Janeiro, Curutiba, and Brasilis tend to cost more there more heavy popluated but Curutiba might be the cheapest of the 4

What body of water is west of Brazil?

The entire west of Brazil is bordered by other countries. Furtherwest of those countries is the Pacific Ocean, but Brazil does nottouch it. East of Brazil is the Atlantic Ocean.

What is a famous water fall in Brazil?

It's called Iguazu Falls in English or Foz Do Iguacu or Cataratas do Iguacu in Portuguese is located on the Iguassa or Iguaça River on the border of Brazil and Argentina. Iguazu is composed of an impressive set of nearly 300 waterfalls all plunging over the border between two countries. In total (MORE)

How much food is there in Brazil?

A lot......all k.....Portugues food...Italian food...Chinese food...japonese food...American food too ...Mcdonald's...... Pizzarias etc.........they don't have Mexican food......

How much is American money in Brazil?

On May 15, 2010, one U.S. dollar [USD] converts to 1.79 Brazilian real [BRL]. One Brazilian real [BRL] converts to $0.56 USD [U.S. dollar]. Its currency sign is R$.

How much is it to travel from nz to Brazil?

It depends on in which city of Brazil do you want to go from whichcity of NZ. Although, NZD$1,622.65 is avarage price of everyflight. So, you have to arrange this amount minimun to travel NZ toBrazil.

How much does a hotel cost in Brazil?

Brazil is beautiful country for travelling. Many luxury hotels andresort avialble in this country. As per my view Porto Real resortis one of the best resort which given 46% discount off as R$ 600with lots of services.

How much water is in Brazil?

I do not know how much is in Brazil but 3/4 of the rain that falls in rainforest, stays there and can become water vapour.

How much is a Brazil dollar in America?

a "Brazil dollar" is called a "Real". You can google it: "1 BRL in USD" or "1 real in dollar" it gives you how much it is worth today (2010 jun 1st) R$1.00 = US$ 0.55.

Is Brazil surrounded by water or land?

Brazil is shaped like a squashed diamond. On two sides, it is surrounded by south and north Atlantic oceans. On the other two sides, it is surrounded by land consisting of 10 different countries. See the related links for a map.

How much is gold worth in Brazil?

the gold value depends on the KT Value of the gold like 9KT is the cheapest and then goes through 14KT 583 (Soviet gold) 14KT 585 (european Standard) and 18KT and 22KT nad 24KT there is also 23 kt but to answer your question all gold is worth the same any where in the world so if 20g of 9KT Gold f (MORE)

Why is there lack of clean water access in Brazil?

Brazil has been a poor country until recently, with the population growing very fast and not enough money to provide clean water to most of this enormous country. Where there is a piped water supply it is not clean drinking water, and people depend on bottled water and water purifiers for their drin (MORE)

How much is a hotel in Brazil?

Brazil is such famous destination for travelling in the wholeworld. There are many luxurious hotels in brazil which provide lotsof facility and ultimate services as well as given best discountoffer to tourist.

How much is the cost of visa from Ghana to Brazil?

Visa fees are set by governments and one country may set different prices for each of their embassies or consulate generals. Moreover, some countries (such as Brazil) set price base on the nationality of the applicant. For example, a Canadian needs to pay more for their Brazilian visa comparing to a (MORE)

How much is a flight to Brazil from London?

It depends when you are travelling and how far in advance the tickets are booked and if you are flying in Business/First or Economy. Also it depends on where in Brazil you are travelling to. A random check on a website such as Expedia shows February 4th -Feb 25th 2014 booked 3 weeks in advance rou (MORE)