How much water does a small cactus need?

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It depends on the soil and where is the cactus like in a house or outside. If it is inside, then here are some tips: If the soil is sandy, you have to water it every 2-4 days. If the soil is kinda rocky, you can water it once a month. If your cactus is outside, then here: you can water it once a month a quart bucket.
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How much water do ants need?

Answer . Ants, as any other insects may get all their water needs trough food supply. If there is any more need than that they find other source of water. (for example ants do not react to clean, dry sugar, thay can only absorb it in water solution). Depends also on the actual ant species.

How much water does a greenhouse need?

The amount of water needed in a greenhouse depends on the size ofthe greenhouse and the amount of irrigation it has. Plants in agreenhouse generally need far less water than regular plants.

Where does a cactus get its water from?

A cactus gets its water from its roots . Whatever moisture is available in soil may be taken in by the cactus plant's shallow roots, and sent up to the stem for the photosynthetic interaction with the sun. A cactus also gets its water from the pores in its stem. The pores accept moisture in the f (MORE)

Does a cactus have water?

Yes, like any other plant it contains water. If split open you should be able to get a liquid of some kind (Be careful, it could be poisonous).

How much water does a rottweilier need?

All dogs have differing needs determined by size and activity. If your dog is an "inside and outside" dog then you should provide water in both locations. I use a quart size inside and a gallon size outside. Clean and fill containers daily.

How much water do lions need?

most lions drink water daily if available you should know that by the way but they can normally go four or five days without water. lions also get water from the prey they eat(you should also know this.)

How much of the cactus is water?

How much of the cactus plant is water depends upon the size of the cactus and the amount of water in moving, processing and stored forms. But no matter the cactus' size and regardless of how much or little water that it holds, the cactus devotes over 90% of its inside body parts to handling, circu (MORE)

How much water do goldfish need?

Depends on how many goldfish you have. You don't want to over crowd ur tank or fish bowl. And make sure you put somethin that makes bubbles in the tank so that there will be plenty of oxygen in the tank

How much water do chickens need?

This would be variable depending on season, ambient temperature, age, weight and even breed of chicken. Rule of thumb would be a half litre of water per bird per 24 hour period but all other factors would influence the need and they could consume more. Layers need more than average meat birds to c (MORE)

Does a cactus need water?

Not much, it takes most of its moisture from the air. You can water it a small amount in winter, and as much as you want in the summer.

How much water do Hudson Pear cactus plants hold?

As much as 90% and more of the weight of a Hudson pear cactus [ Cylindropuntia rosea ] can be devoted to water related activities. The Hudson pear cactus has stems and branching arms that contract and expand. The flexibility enables the cactus to make room for changing amounts of water and watery (MORE)

How much flour does a small bakery need?

the amount of flour you need relies on how big your bakery is. if it is in a town with 500-2000 people you will need about 40 pounds to begin with. the amount of flour you need relies on how big your bakery is. if it is in a town with 500-2000 people you will need about 40 pounds to begin with

Why does a cactus need water?

As is the case with all living organisms, a cactus plant can't live without water. Specifically, it needs water to take in the nutrients that it needs to live . Minerals and trace elements in the soil only can be taken in dissolved form by a plant's roots. No water means no nutrients. Additionally (MORE)

Why do cactus plants disintegrate when they get too much water?

A cactus plant disintegrates when it gets too much water, because of its tissues. Its tissues aren't set up to work with continuous or large amounts of water . Instead, they're adapted to get as much of the infrequent and insubstantial amounts of water that they can from a bright, drab, dry, extrem (MORE)

How much should you water a cactus?

cactus's need minimal water and if you under or over water the can die. you should water a cactus once every 8 to 9 days if 60 degrees or more(inside or out), and should water it every 12 to 13 days in the fall or winter(inside), keep in mind that you should give the cactus 5-6 drops of food (fertil (MORE)

How much water does a huge cactus hold?

It depends upon how huge the cactus is. But generally, a huge cactus can fill more than 90% of its insides with water, nutrient solutions, and energizing photosynthetic products. More than 90% of its parts is devoted to moving, processing, and storing water. In fact, both figures hold true, be the (MORE)

How do you take care of a small cactus?

A small cactus is taken care of in the same way as a larger cactus plant, but on a smaller scale. It's particularly important to monitor levels of heat, light, and moisture; and degrees of competition from other vegetation. Especially important is care against excessive watering, lighting and chil (MORE)

Do you have to water a cactus?

Yes , a cactus needs to be watered. Specifically, cactus plants tend to grow in areas characterized by infrequent rainfall and low soil moisture levels. They therefore are drought tolerant and have low water demands. But they still need water just as other living organisms. It is just that cactus (MORE)

How much food does a small puppy need?

not alot, remember they have small stomaches, feed it maybe just a handful or two of puppy food, and only once or twice a day, unless they show signs of hunger.

How much water does 1 cactus need?

Big cactus : Big cactus need about 1 quart of water every month. Small cactus: small cactus need to be watered at least every 3-4 days. This info is only for 1 cactus. --- Nelli Vitalevna Glushko! See Anna?

How much water does a cactus get in the desert when it rains?

That would depend on the amount of rain that falls and the seasonof the year. If it is during the summer and a substantial amount ofrain falls, the cactus will absorb as much water as it can whilethe soil is still damp. It may not have another opportunity toreplenish its reserves again for some time (MORE)

When do you water your cactus?

Watering cactus Water shallow not deep and don't keep cactus plant constantly wet or it will rot and turn brown/gray and die. Water every two weeks to one month depending on size of pot and location.

How much water do you give to a cactus?

Watering cactus Cactus have shallow roots. They prefer not to be watered deep and about every two to 4 weeks depending on what container they are in. If you overwater them they will rot and die.

Why don't cactus need water?

Cacti do need water they just handle it differently. They are adapted by nature to store it in their system and use it as they need it.

Does cactus have water in it?

the cactus includes small and spiky leaves that reduce evaporation of water. It also prevents loss of water. The cactus has also a thick and juicy stem that stores water. .

How much water do cacti need?

Depends on the cacti, but not much because their bodies store the water. They're prickly because they need to protect their bodies because animals would try to break them open to get the juiciness of the cacti.

How much water do lawns need?

There are a lot of variables that will affect the answer to your question. For example, what kind of grass? How high do you mow? How often do you mow? What kind of soil? How much natural rainfall? How much wind? How hot is it? What is the humidity? What quality water? How often do you fertilize? Wha (MORE)

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Every system in your body depends on water. Because 60% of our bodyis water. For healthyness eight 8-ounce glasses of water isnecessary for our body a day ." That's about 1.9 liters".

How much do you need to water a fuscia?

A Fuchsia should be kept damp but not waterlogged. If in a pot, fill to the pot rim with water and allow excess to drain away, then leave until water is required again. This will all depend on the conditions around the plant and the size of pot compared to the size of the plant. Keep the air around (MORE)

Why does Cactus need a least amount of water?

In cactus the leaves are reduced to spines in order to prevent water loss through transpiration though the stomata.Besides,the stem is also covered by a waxy coating which prevents water loss.Thus,cactus requires very less amount of water in order to survive

How much water does saffron need?

Water the bulbs lightly on alternate days. Do not over water them. Do not water saffron crocuses when they are in their dormant stage, from approx. April to September.

How does the cactus get its water?

A cactus has roots just as do other plants. These roots absorb water from the soil when it is available and store water in their tissues for ties of drought.

How much water do dogs needs?

How much water a dog needs depends upon the size of the dog, its level of activity, its diet, and the temperature and humidity of the dog's environment.

Why cactus not loose much water?

because of its thornes that prevent any predators from eating the plant , ribs create shade for the plant so that not much water is lost by the heat of the sun and finally the roots are closer to the ground so that the plant will absorb rain water quickly as soon as it hits the ground.

How much water is needed by our bodies?

As our body is made up of 70% water, we need approximately 7 - 8 glasses per day. But dont forget that most foods do contain fluids so i'm sure you wont need that much. Keep On Drinking. jet

How much water does the horse need?

This is highly dependent on breed, weight, type of work, air temp/humidity, salinity of feed, etc. Thus there is no definite answer, especially in terms of actual volume, of the amount of water that a horse needs.

Every plant needs water to grow then how does cactus grow?

A cactus is deeply rooted and, even in a hot desert, there may bedampness below. Also, whenever it does rain, the cactus will storewater in special cells that cause the cactus to swell. Anotheradaptation is that a cactus's covering is waxy to prevent waterloss. While it may be hot during the day, te (MORE)

How much water does poinsettias need?

Be sure to remove foil covering drain holes before watering. Water only when the soil is dry. Do not let the poinsettia wilt. Do not let it sit with water in the saucer, Poinsettias also like lots of direct light. Place your plants near a southern,eastern or western window and keep the soil (MORE)