How old are Sarah Palin's children?

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Sarah Palin has 5 children
As of September 2008, here are the ages of her children:

-- son Track (b. 1989) is 19;
-- daughter Bristol (b. 1991) is 17;
-- daughter Willow (b. 1995) is 13;
-- daughter Piper (b. 2001) is 7;
-- son Trig (b. 2008) is 4 months old
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Are Sarah Palin's children homeschooled?

Sarah Palin and Homeschooling . Sarah Palin will homeschool her 17-yr-old daughter Bristol Palin, in a state-funded homeschooling education program called IDEA (Interior

How old is Sarah palin's husband?

Sarah Palin's husband Todd is 46. He was born September 6, 1964, the same year as Sarah.